Desicon has played a key role in the execution of major projects in Nigeria, able to offer world class human resources capable of providing support and driving projects of all sizes to meet her numerous client requirements and needs via flawless project delivery from initiation to close out. With the highest QHSE standards, we continue to be key players in the Construction and Commissioning phases of world class EPC Projects, ranging from Civil/Structural Works to Mechanical and E&I; from site set-up to Pre-commissioning and Commissioning phases. By ensuring the provision of adequate training for clients’ operators, seamless handovers between contractors and clients are guaranteed.

Cathodic Protection

Desicon Engineering Limited has repeatedly demonstrated competence and expertise in onshore and offshore Cathodic Protection Works. In 2018, Desicon Engineering Limited (DEL) successfully performed the installation of temporary Cathodic protection using sacrificial anodes and permanent Cathodic protection using Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) System Southern Swamp Sales Gas Evacuation Pipeline Project, SSSGEP. The anode bracelet installation was deployed in the offshore section of the entire pipeline.

Pipe lay, Wire lay, Shore pull and Sea Trenching

Desicon Engineering Limited as an indigenous company has performed several challenging construction activities in challenging all kind of terrains with high safety standards and uncompromised quality delivery. Critical and clinical technics have been consistently deployed ranging from pipe lay, wire lay, shore pull to sea trenching that spanned over 15meters into the sea with the laid pipe buried below sea bed at 1 metre from top of pipe.

Fabrication and Mechanical Works

Desicon Engineering Limited is known for its extensive fabrication in-house activities, as well as through her Subcontractors which are the main firms in Nigeria, and which involves shop welds and field welds. Over the years, the delivery on steel structures, pipe spools, pull-in heads, laydown heads e.t.c have given it the accolade it deserves in fabrication Works having completed the 16’’ Pigging Facility in SSSGEP Project.Desicon Engineering Limited is also accomplished in the valve replacement and installation, bolt torqueing, piping installation and erection, piping support installation, non-destructive testing, hydro testing, scaffold erection/, blasting and painting touch-up amongst others.

Civil and Mechanical Works

Desicon Engineering Limited has carried out several Civil Works installations such as foundations, drainages trough her subcontractors, and in direct hiring Desicon erected and maintained buildings to accommodate over 1200 people in the swamp.